Mustang Region

The region of Tibetan influence north of Kagbeni is generally referred to as Upper Mustang. The ancient Kingdom of Mustang – the capital Lo Manthan was attached to Tibet in the 14th century, Although it retained its identity as an autonomous dynasty throughout the centuries is a walled city where people still remain predominantly Tibetan. Still somewhat restricted (special permits are required) the trek to Lo Manthang (3730 m) refers to the arid Tibet-like region at the northern end of Kali Gandaki. Annexed by Nepal in 17 century, but untouched by the outside world or the Chinese Cultural revolution, 14th century monasteries still remain active to preserve this magnificent Trans-Himalayan kingdom, with their unrivaled Buddhist shrines with cliff hanging monasteries, thankas, mandalas and deities and cave dwelling people. In this wild lunar landscape of unreal color and beauty, ruggedly carved mountains reach up to deep blue skies, while icy peaks glimmer majestically to the south. Vast and barren ridges extend to the northern horizon making one feel like an insignificant dot on a timeless landscape.

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